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Breastfeeding and work


If you are planning to continue breastfeeding when you return to work you may wish to start giving your baby an occasional feed of expressed breast milk when breastfeeding is established for you both. This will allow you to become comfortable with expressing your breast milk and help your baby get used to taking breast milk from someone other than yourself.

Dad or another family member may help with these feeds at the start as the baby may refuse to take a feed from you other than from your breast. Parents often use a bottle to give the expressed breast milk to their baby. An older baby may take expressed milk from a cup or beaker. This is recommended from around 6 months.

Remember –your baby will still get the health benefits from your expressed breast milk

Practice expressing your milk by hand and/or pump. Your local breastfeeding support group or your public health nurse are there to support you. Talk to your employer well before your maternity leave ends about arrangements for breastfeeding breaks and facilities in your place of work.

You may choose not to express at work and just breastfeed while you are at home. Your milk supply may reduce as it adapts to the change in demand.You may also need to have a discussion with your childminder regarding how to feed your baby while you are at work.

Here is a link to information on giving a bottle to a breastfed baby, A cup or beaker may be used for an older baby.

As your baby grows

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