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Does breast size or nipple shape make a difference when breastfeeding?

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Breasts and nipples come in all shapes and sizes and virtually all of them work perfectly for breastfeeding. The key to successful breastfeeding, whatever your size or shape, is getting baby latched on well. This can seem a little fiddly at first, but with practice it will eventually come quite easy to both of you. Your midwife, public health nurse or breastfeeding support volunteer can help.

The size and shape of your breasts has no impact on how much milk you will be able to produce for your baby. Breastmilk works on a ‘demand and supply’ schedule – the more your baby feeds, the more milk you will produce.

Every woman’s breast size and shape changes over time. Research shows that the main reasons for this are pregnancy and the normal ageing process. Breastfeeding has no impact on the elasticity of your breast tissue – it does not make your breasts sag!   Wearing a good quality, supportive bra during pregnancy and when breastfeeding will help combat nature.




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