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How is breastfeeding good for mums?

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Breastfeeding is not just good for babies it helps to protect mums health too, for mums this means:

  • faster return to pre-pregnancy figure,
  • lower incidence of post natal depression,
  • less risk of breast cancer,
  • less risk of ovarian cancer, and
  • stronger bones in later life.

Breastfeeding is good for other reasons too. It’s amazingly convenient; you can breastfeed anywhere without worrying about sterilising equipment or heating bottles. Just throw a few nappies and wipes in your handbag and you’re set!

Breastfeeding saves you money:

  • it’s cheaper because less equipment is needed than formula feeding;
  • formula feeding can cost up to €1500 a year, and
  • breastfed children get ill less often – saving on medical bills.

Mothers and babies enjoy the closeness and bond that breastfeeding brings to their relationship, especially after the first few weeks when breastfeeding is fully established. The time spent breastfeeding gives you a chance sit down and relax with your baby.




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