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One or two breasts at each feed?

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As your baby grow so does their tummy. In general offer both breasts at each feed. Your baby will probably feed for longer from the first breast offered and for a shorter time from the second breast offered. When this happens, you start the next feed on the breast they last fed from.

Sometimes your baby will not want to take any feed from the second breast. This is OK. You just need to remember to start the next feed on from the second breast.


1st breast offered

2nd breast offered

Start next feed

Early morning feed

Right – fed for 10 minutes

Left – fed for 10 minutes

Start next feed from Right

Mid morning

Right – fed for 15 minutes


Left – no feed taken

Start next feed from Left

Late morning feed

Left – fed for 15 minutes

Right – fed for 5 minutes

Start next feed from Right



Some Mums find it helpful to keep a note of each feed. Others find tying a little bow on their bra strap useful to tell which side they fed on last.




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