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What’s the best position to use for feeding?

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There's no right or wrong position for breastfeeding as long as you and your baby are safe and comfortable. Mums use lots of different positions when feeding. Here we describe some of the common positions used by mums.


Mother laid back feedingThis helps your newborn naturally latch on to your breast.

  • Lean back comfortably in a semi-upright position, use pillows to support you.
  • Lay your baby on their tummy on top of your chest with their cheek near or on their breast.
  • Support their head with your arm or hand if needed
  • Your baby will find your breast when their ready to feed or you can help them.

Football hold

This is a great position especially if you’ve had a Caesarean Section or have large breasts.

  • Hold your baby along the side of your body.
  • Tuck your baby’s legs under your arm.
  • Slide your arm under their back and rest their head on your arm. You may like to rest your arm on a pillow or cushion.
  • Offer your baby the breast on the same side as the arm that is holding them.

Cradle hold

This is good for babies when they have more head and neck control, after a few weeks.

  • Put your baby on their side, tummy-to-tummy with you.
  • Rest their head on your arm with their nose in front of your nipple.
  • Tuck their lower arm under your breast.

Cross craddle

Side lying

Mother laid-back feeding on bedThis is a great for feeding at night, but don’t fall asleep while your baby is in your bed.

  • Make sure bedding and pillows are pushed aside.
  • Both you and your baby lie on your side, tummy-to-tummy.
  • Start with their nose in front of your breast.

You may be more comfortable tucking your hand (on the side your lying on) under your head




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