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What’s the difference between foremilk and hindmilk?

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If you were to express your milk and leave it to settle in a glass you would notice that it separates into a thinner fluid with a thicker creamy layer on the top. The two layers are often described as ‘foremilk’ – a thin and thirst quenching fluid at the beginning of the feed, and ‘hindmilk’ – a creamier and higher fat fluid at the very end of the feed.

When there are longer gaps between feeds, the milk in your ducts settles with the thinner milk to the front (foremilk) and the creamier milk behind (hindmilk). When you feed your baby again, the let down reflex pushes the creamy milk down the ducts and as your baby continues to feed they get a mix of both. Allowing your baby to feed for as long as they want from each breast ensures that they get the full benefit of your breastmilk.




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