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Why does every breastfeed make a difference?

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Every single drop of breastmilk is good for your baby’s health, which is why we say Every Breastfeed Makes a Difference.   And we know that even after decades of research formula milks can’t match the uniqueness and benefits of your breastmilk.

When your baby is born and you start to breastfeed, each time your baby latches on and sucks your body releases ‘milk producing’ hormones which help increase your supply to meet your baby’s needs. This supply and demand cycle continues for however long you choose to breastfeed for.

The longer you breastfeed for the greater the health protection provided for both you and your baby. So whether it’s the first few days, weeks or months every time you breastfeed you are boosting your baby’s health and your own. Your breastmilk gives your baby all the nutrients they need for the first six months of life. Your milk continues to be an important part of their diet, as other foods are given, for up to two years of age and beyond.




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