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Why does my GP or midwife recommend breastfeeding?

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Breastfeeding is important for your health and your baby’s health this is why your GP, midwife and other health professionals recommend breastfeeding. Your breastmilk is like nature’s own immunisation protecting baby against a wide variety of illness and conditions. It’s designed perfectly to meet your baby’s every need. It’s ready when baby needs it at the perfect temperature and comes neatly packaged with no need to sterilise!

Your breastmilk contains essential enzymes, hormones and immunoglobulins vital for your baby’s normal growth, development and good health. And despite decades of research by formula companies, science still cannot replicate the wonders of your own breastmilk.

Breastfeeding is the ideal start for your baby. The goodness of breastfeeding will last you both a lifetime, it’s probably one of the single most important things you can do for you and your baby’s health.

Every single drop of breastmilk is good for your baby’s health, which is why we say ‘Every Breastfeed Makes a Difference’, and the longer you breastfeed for the greater the health protection for both you and your baby.




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