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Getting Started

Premature or ill baby

You can still breastfeed a baby that is ill or premature. It can be hard but breastfeeding will help boost your baby's immune system.

Baby's First Feed

Most babies are alert and anxious to suck after birth however some may be a little slower to do so. Each baby is an individual and unique. You and your baby may start the first feed by yourselves or you may need a little help and guidance from your midwife.

Positioning and Attachment of Baby to the Breast

Positioning and Attachment of Baby to the Breast is really important and is the key to successful breastfeeding. When your baby is positioned and attached correctly to the breast, they will feed better and you will find it more comfortable.


As your baby grows you may want to express milk when you are going to be away from your baby for a time – both to have milk for your baby’s carer to give and to relieve the fullness in your breasts during the time you’re away from your baby.