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New Healthy Food for Life Resources

The HSE launched the new Healthy Food for Life resources which include new Healthy Eating Guidelines and Food Pyramid. The resources are available on

The new guidelines and resources will provide practical support for individuals and families to make healthier food choices and to ultimately improve their health and wellbeing. Key messages include:

  • Eat according to the servings recommended and you will meet your nutritional needs, in a healthy way.
  • Increase your physical activity levels and you have the recipe for a healthier way of life for you and your family.
  • Small changes can make a big difference.
  • Start today!

The resources include an updated food pyramid accompanied by daily meal plans for different age groups and lifestyles as well as guidelines on portion sizes. Three key consumer messages are:

  • Limit High Fat Salt and Sugar (HFSS) foods and drinks for the Top Shelf of the food pyramid - NOT EVERY DAY - MAXIMUM ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK
  • Eat more vegetables, salad and fruit - up to 7 servings a day. Encourage a change in eating habits from HFSS snacks to eating more fruit and raw veg as snack foods instead, for example fruit, carrot sticks with low calorie dip
  • Size matters - Use the Food pyramid as a guide for serving sizes, for example, bread in sandwiches at lunch time. 1 small wrap or a pitta pocket = 2 slices of bread. 1 demi baguette= 4 slices of bread

Click here to see a Daily Meal Plan for Siobhan aged 30 breastfeeding her 6 month old baby.